Local Oklahoma City Fence Installer Patents New Versatile Fence System.

Goliath Multi Post Fence System

Vinyl Fence Warehouse announced the launch of a new Multi-Post Fence System under the Goliath brand to be available across the United States. The new Goliath Multi Post Fence System is a Horizontal fence system with a patented Multi Post design that has 4 inverted channels. One channel on each of the four sides allows many types of horizontal fence boards to be inserted.

The patented post design is stronger than vinyl and wood fence posts and at the same time will not rot as wood will do over time. Goliath Multi Post is also free of rust as it is constructed out of aluminum and not steel. But stronger than your standard 2 3/8″ steel fencing.

Currently, in the vinyl fencing industry posts are pre-cut or notched after purchase by the fence installation company. Meaning your fence could need up to four different fence posts: end post, line post, corner post, or 4-way post. Goliath Multi Post eliminates the need for so many posts. One Goliath Multi Post will serve the needs of all these posts. Goliath Multi Post System is a system that allows you to set the posts and quickly snap together the remainder of your fence—allowing fence installers and homeowners alike the ability to build a permanent yet modern fence for their home or business giving the same elegant look from both sides of the fence.

This is the first product launch for the local company Vinyl Fence Warehouse. Since the company was first formed in 1992 they have been serving the entire southwest with vinyl fencing. After thirty years of fence fabrication & installation, the Vinyl Fence Warehouse team carefully crafted the perfect modern fence system that leaves fence installers and homeowners amazed at how simple the fence system comes together.

In the coming days, Vinyl Fence Warehouse will start rolling out this fence system to several installers across Oklahoma, Texas, Tennessee, and their U.S. Customers. The official launch date of the Goliath Multi Post Fence System will be January 22nd-24th at the Home & Garden Show at the Oklahoma State Fair Grounds.


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Goliath Multi Post Fence System: 

Goliath Multi Post Fence System Goliath Multi Post Fence System Goliath Multi Post Fence System