Vinyl Fence: A Legacy in Shawnee, Oklahoma

The history of vinyl fencing in Shawnee, Oklahoma is inseparable from the story of Rodger Thomas and his company, Iron Tough Fence  Established in 1992, Iron Tough Fence started humbly in the garage of Rodger’s rental house. Little did the residents of Shawnee know that this small endeavor would become a significant pillar in the community.

A Journey from Broken Arrow to Shawnee

Born in Broken Arrow, Rodger relocated to Shawnee in 1991, prompted by the birth of his youngest son. Interestingly, this very son now helms Iron Tough. The roots of the Thomas family run deep in Shawnee, with their first home positioned near the iconic Shawnee High School, off Louisa and Kickapoo.

Laying Foundations in Shawnee

By January 1993, Iron Tough Fence had secured its first official premises on Kickapoo Spur. And in 1994, the company marked a significant milestone – introducing the first vinyl fence in Shawnee Oklahoma. This White Vinyl Ranch Rail wasn’t just a business accomplishment; it was the beginning of a transformative trend in local fencing.

1996 witnessed another significant move, with the company relocating to Highway 177. Throughout these years, the connection between Iron Tough Fence and the City of Shawnee grew greatly. Rodger and Iron Tough’s commitment to the community was evident in the numerous contributions made to The Shawnee Wolves from wrestling, band, football to cheer – grew stronger.

Embracing Heritage and Community

Rodger’s deep-rooted connection to Oklahoma’s rich indigenous heritage – as a part of Chickasaw – paved the way for collaborations with several tribes. From the Chickasaw to the Kickapoo, Sac and Fox, Absentee Shawnee, and Pottawatomie, Iron Tough Fence became the go-to for tribal fencing needs.

In 2005, underscoring his dedication to the Shawnee community, Rodger generously donated his time and materials to the Shawnee women’s shelter. Such gestures illustrate the heart and soul of Iron Tough Fence and its bond with their community.

The Vinyl Fence Revolution in Oklahoma

2006 was transformative. Not only did Iron Tough become one of Oklahoma’s sole distributors of Vinyl Fence Products, but the Ranch Rail fence – seen lining the highways of Shawnee – also proudly bore Rodger’s signature. If you’ve seen a vinyl fence in Shawnee or even elsewhere in Oklahoma, chances are, it’s sourced from Iron Tough Fence.

By 2011, the entrepreneurial spirit of the Thomas family led to the birth of Vinyl Fence Warehouse. Situated in the heart of Oklahoma City, just a stone’s throw away from the bustling Oklahoma City Thunder arena, this 22,000-square-foot facility known as Vinyl Fence Warehouse is a testament to Rodger’s vision. Managed by Rodger’s children, the warehouse continues to supply vinyl and fence products across Oklahoma and the rest of the United States.

Beyond Business: Rebuilding Communities

But it’s not just about business for the Thomas family. True to their community-first approach, they have been instrumental in rebuilding communities devastated by tornadoes or severe storms. Their resilience and commitment have made them not just business leaders but also pillars of strength in Shawnee, Oklahoma.

In summary, the intertwining of Shawnee, Oklahoma, Vinyl Fence, and the Thomas Family is a tale of dedication, innovation, and community spirit. It’s the story of Iron Tough Fence and the indomitable spirit of Rodger Thomas and his family.