How does fencing affect your home value?

As a fence company, our primary goal is to enhance the aesthetic appeal and value of homes and businesses. While costly upgrades may appear to be the optimal choice, it’s important to recognize that simplicity and practicality can go a long way. In fact, a fence can often achieve similar results to those achieved by high-priced upgrades. So, how exactly does a fence contribute to the value of your home? Let’s explore several key factors to consider when contemplating the installation of a fence.

Curb Appeal

When it comes to fence installation, there are several notable advantages worth considering. Firstly, a fence can greatly contribute to the tidiness and perceived value of your home, enhancing its overall curb appeal. By installing a fence, you establish a clear boundary between your property and that of your neighbors, demonstrating a sense of containment and organization. Not only does a fence serve as a practical solution, but it also represents a thoughtful approach to increasing the value of your home.


In addition to its aesthetic benefits, fencing plays a crucial role in enhancing overall home security which can affect your home value. Considering that a significant number of homebuyers have pets and children, a well-installed fence offers a safe and enclosed space for them to play freely outdoors. By creating a sheltered area within your property, a fence provides peace of mind and ensures the safety of your loved ones. Moreover, when strategically placed, fences can reinforce the security of your backdoor, making it more challenging for potential intruders to access and break in. Notably, the installation of a fence adds value to your home at a fraction of the cost invested. For instance, if you have a $10,000 fence installed, your home value is likely to go up roughly $6,000.

Home Value Increase

It is important to consider that as the price of your home increases, there is a possibility that your property taxes might also rise. If you’re making modest value improvements that only result in a slight increase, it’s unlikely to have a significant impact on your property taxes. However, it’s advisable to consult with your local government beforehand if you have concerns about potential changes in tax costs. In your pursuit of elevating your home’s value, exploring additional enhancements such as landscaping, fresh paint, new siding, and other small-scale improvements can also contribute positively to its overall market worth.